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Anddd we are Global Now !!!!

Anddd we are Global Now !!!!

General Announcements 10th May 2023

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, speed and accessibility play a crucial role in delivering seamless user experiences. As a company committed to providing cutting-edge AI solutions, we are delighted to announce the expansion of our data centre infrastructure from one location to four strategically chosen centres. This expansion will not only bolster our capacity but also enable us to offer lightning-fast APIs and improved accessibility to our AI models. In this changelog, we will delve into the reasons behind our decision and how it benefits our users.

Increasing Demand:

Our journey began with a single data centre, serving a limited user base. However, with the exponential growth in demand for AI-powered applications and services, and the capabilities that we wanted to provide to our customers, we recognized the need to expand our infrastructure. By establishing data centres in multiple locations, we aim to cater to the growing user base and ensure high availability and reliable performance across different geographical regions.

Reduced Latency and Enhanced User Experience:

One of the primary reasons for expanding to four data centres is to minimize latency and provide faster response times for API requests. Running such large-scale models requires a lot of computing resources. By distributing our infrastructure strategically, we reduce the distance between our servers and end users. This geographical proximity significantly reduces latency, allowing us to deliver lightning-fast AI capabilities. Whether our users are in Frankfurt, Oregon, Mumbai, or Singapore, they can experience near-instantaneous responses, resulting in an enhanced user experience. It also helps us to shift you from one available region to another in case of Requests Overload in some cases. This allows us to make sure that we are able to process your API requests as fast as we can.

Redundancy and High Availability:

Operating from a single data centre carries inherent risks. Equipment failures, power outages, or natural disasters can disrupt services and leave users without access to critical AI functionalities that are needed for running their operations. By expanding to multiple data centres, we ensure redundancy and high availability. In the event of an unforeseen incident in one location, our services seamlessly transition to the other data centres, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted access to AI models.

Scalability and Future Growth:

Expanding to multiple data centres signifies our commitment to scalability and future growth. With a distributed infrastructure, we can easily scale our resources to meet increasing demand. As the adoption of AI continues to surge, our expanded data centre network equips us with the agility and capacity to support the evolving needs of our users and accommodate future expansion plans.

The expansion of our data centre infrastructure to four locations marks an exciting milestone in our journey to empower faster APIs and enhance accessibility to our AI models. By strategically distributing our resources, we ensure reduced latency, high availability, global accessibility, and better performance. We are thrilled to provide our users with an exceptional experience, enabling them to build AI-powered applications that push the boundaries of innovation. Stay tuned for further updates and explore the possibilities our expanded infrastructure unlocks!

May 10th, 2023


WorqHat AI APIs are now Live !!!!!

WorqHat AI APIs are now Live !!!!!

v1.0.1 Date: 07 May 2023

Welcome to the world of WorqHat AI Models as APIs for Developers! We're thrilled to announce this major breakthrough, empowering you to create powerful applications without the hassle of server-side coding. With WorqHat, you can now tap into cutting-edge AI models directly from your client-side products. Say goodbye to complex setups and hello to seamless machine-learning features right within your devices !!!!

Unleash the Power of WorqHat AI Models:

Text Generation AI Models:

  • AiCon V2: Unleash your creativity and generate high-quality text content effortlessly. Read More
  • AiCon V3: Take it a step further with our most advanced text generation model, equipped with a whopping 300 billion parameters for enhanced language context understanding. Read More

Text Moderation AI Models:

Text Moderation with AiCon V2 as the Base: Harness the power of AiCon V2 as the foundation for our best Text Moderation model. It expertly segregates and scores text inputs based on six different parameters, ensuring efficient moderation of text content. Read More

Web Content Extraction and Classification AI Model:

Content Extraction: Accurately extract content from web pages and PDFs using AiCon V2. Achieve an impressive classification accuracy of 97% while categorizing the extracted content. Read More

Image Generation AI Models:

  • ImageCon V2: Create stunning, AI-powered images that captivate and inspire. Read More
  • ImageCon V3: Elevate your image generation capabilities to newer heights with even better image quality and context options. Read More

Image Analysis and Moderation AI Models:

  •  Analyze images like a pro with ImageCon V2, boasting an impressive accuracy level of nearly 98%. Read More
  • Ensure the safety and appropriateness of user-generated images with powerful image moderation capabilities. Read More

Face Identification AI Models:

Enhanced Face Identification Models: Compare faces with exceptional accuracy, achieving an impressive reliability of 99%. Read More

Seamless Application Integration:

Effortlessly incorporate AI models for text generation, text moderation, web content extraction, image generation, image analysis, image moderation, and face identification into your applications. 

What's easier, you don't need to have a server or write any server-side code, WorqHat does all the heavy lifting for you, just add the requests and you are good to go. That's all!!!

Unlock a world of possibilities for content generation, moderation, analysis, and identification across diverse use cases.

Trusted by Leading Organizations (Private Beta Test):

Canva: Join the league of Canva, which relies on our AI models for generating high-quality images for all their Customers.

Befluent.Ai: Enhance the language learning experiences of students with the power of our AI models.

And several other organizations.

Infrastructure Expansion and Global Reach:

Server Datacenters:

Mumbai (Asia-South) and Singapore (Asia-Southeast): We have newly set up another data centre in Singapore(Asia-Southeast) as a part of our global expansion plans. Our server data centres are ready to serve our growing global community.

Upcoming Expansion: We're in the process of establishing two additional data centres in European and North American Regions to cater to an even wider audience.

Early Access and Support:

WorqHat Workspace Infrastructure:

  • We're currently setting up the workspace infrastructure to provide you with the ultimate experience. 
  • To gain early access to WorqHat APIs and kickstart your product development, reach out to us at support@worqhat.com. Don't forget to mention your preferred data centre location!

API Keys and Early Access Credits:

We'll provide you with API keys and ORG Keys along with the Credentials to your dashboard that you can access in the coming week. We will also set you up with early access credits to help you jumpstart your journey into product development.

Limited Access, Expanding Soon:

As we begin scaling access to the APIs gradually, please note that we have initially set a limit of only 10 requests per minute. Rest assured, we're actively working on scaling up our servers to accommodate increasing demand. We'll be continuously increasing the request limit to ensure smooth and uninterrupted service.

Learn More in Developer Documentations:

Curious to learn more about our AI models and how to integrate them into your applications? 

Visit our official Developer Documentations at https://devs.worqhat.com. There, you'll find detailed information, tutorials, and guides on utilizing our models to their full potential. Unleash the true power of WorqHat AI Models!

Tutorials and How-To's:

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of tutorials and how-to guides, which will assist you in building various applications using our AI models.

Join our Discord channel at https://discord.com/invite/KHh9mguKBx to stay updated with our progress and access valuable resources.

We can't wait to see the incredible applications you'll build with WorqHat AI Models !!!!!

May 7th, 2023


Minor Speed and Model Updates with Bug Fixes

v1.0.4 29th March 2023

We have recently made updates to our AI Playground and AI Models, with a focus on improving platform speed and user experience. We also reviewed feedback from our users and identified and resolved several bugs that were reported. Our team is committed to providing the best possible experience for our users, and we will continue to make updates and improvements based on your feedback. Thank you for helping us make our platform better!

ISSUE-WH-T-214: Improper Response from Bot - Returns Images on Textual Questions

We are excited to announce that we have made a significant improvement to our platform with the recent release of a fix that handles textual content and images separately. This update will ensure that generated content is more accurate and meets the expectations of our users. Additionally, we are currently working on multiple versions of image generation models and text generation models, and we plan to release these models for public use in the near future. With these updates, we expect the generation process to continue improving over time, resulting in even greater accuracy and quality in the content generated by our platform. We are committed to continually improving our AI models and providing the best possible experience for our users.

ISSUE-WH-T-218: Initial Startup Time for the Processes is Slow

To improve the initial load times of our platform and reduce the need to check our database for every request, we have implemented a Redis caching system. This system allows us to store user information in our server and distribute the load over multiple Redis instances using Redis Cluster. By maintaining a shared pool of connections between the server and the cluster and recycling connections after use, we have optimized our caching process and reduced the response time for each request. With this implementation, we are confident that our platform will provide a faster and more seamless experience for our users.

ISSUE-WH-T-211: The Model creates generic content that doesn't have much options for Personalization

WorqBot AI platform has been designed exclusively for business use cases, including marketing and sales. Our platform stands out from other AI chatbots as it allows for natural language interaction, enabling continuous refinement of responses with each engagement. We believe that this approach makes AI more accessible by eliminating the need for strict prompts or commands, enabling meaningful conversations to take place between users and our AI.

Our team is dedicated to continually improving WorqBot to meet our users' needs. We have added regional language support and introduced voice commands to enhance interactions and make them more user-friendly, irrespective of the user's language preference. Additionally, we have implemented a Redis caching system to optimize response times and addressed textual content and image handling separately to generate more accurate and top-quality content. Furthermore, our team is currently developing another model that incorporates negative prompting to enable even more accurate content generation, surpassing ChatGPT on several parameters. We are thrilled to share this new model with you soon, and AiCon V3 is coming soon as well!

We are proud to offer a conversational AI platform that empowers businesses to interact with their audiences seamlessly. With our user-friendly interface, businesses can now gain insights into their customer preferences, respond to queries quickly, and provide real-time solutions.

ISSUE-WH-T-203: Image Quality during the Generation process is not upto the Mark

We want to address concerns that we have received about malformed images being generated through our platform. While we have made strides in improving image generation with this release, we understand that there is still room for improvement. That is why we are excited to announce that we have two new versions of our image generation models coming soon, which promise to offer even better performance and features, including the ability to edit images through conversation. We can't wait to share these new models with you as we believe they will significantly enhance the overall user experience and generate even higher-quality images. Our team is dedicated to continually improving the performance and capabilities of our platform, and we appreciate your support and feedback as we strive towards this goal.

Mar 29th, 2023

Bug fixes

WorqHat Website Update

WorqHat Website Update

v2.0.1 Date:27th March 2023

We are excited to announce that the main WorqHat website has been updated to better serve our community and communicate our goals and values more effectively!

At WorqHat, our mission is to democratize software creation and make it accessible to everyone through Generative AI. We believe that technology should be inclusive and that anyone should be able to create software, regardless of their level of coding knowledge.

To better align with this mission, we have revamped our website with a fresh new look and improved functionality. The new design is easier to navigate and provides a more intuitive user experience for our visitors.

In addition, we have updated our content to better communicate our goals and values as a company. We want to ensure that our community understands our commitment to making software creation accessible to all and that we are continuously striving to improve our platform to better serve our users.

We hope that you find these updates valuable and that they enhance your experience with WorqHat. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions for improving our platform. Thank you for being part of our community as we continue to democratize software creation.

Mar 27th, 2023